Nationwide Actuarial Sr Consultant, NF in Columbus, Ohio

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Location: Grandview Heights

•This role is on the Life Insurance Predictive Modeling and Analytics team.

•Performs complex statistical analysis to solve actuarial challenges for pricing, underwriting, and/or valuation.

•Designs, and directs team members on, the development of complex multivariate statistical models (e.g. Generalized Linear Models and Machine Learning).

•Performs risk based analysis of model implementations, measuring the tradeoff between reduced underwriting requirements, and reducing anti selection from targeted marketing, reduced wait times for policies, and applying behavioral economics to influence behavior.

•Works independently with full accountability for multiple concurrent small to moderate sized projects. May also assist with larger or more complex projects in the planning, design, and/or analysis phases, based on abilities and expertise.

•Uses existing data warehouse and pricing databases or creates databases by sourcing additional data or combining multiple sources in order to complete the analysis. Work closely with data scientists in Customer Insights and Analytics to complete projects.

•Consults with business customers (Actuarial, Underwriting, IPS Operations) to identify scope and specifications for project requests.

•Researches competitive industry trends, methodologies, technology, and data sources to complete projects. Incorporates established best practices into research projects and final product.

Based on skillset and experience, this role may be filled at the Actuarial Consultant or Actuarial Specialist level.

JOB SUMMARY: Coordinates, prepares, and performs actuarial analyses to assist in the development of most complex actuarial formulations leading to recommendations. Provides consultation and clarification on most complex actuarial models and risk issues. Maintains documentation of actuarial analysis, and may assist in preparing the actuarial portion of financial reports and tax returns, and responses to insurance regulators. Employee is well adept with various actuarial techniques and procedures and performing most complex actuarial tasks which are of a mathematical and quantitative nature. In addition, associate is capable of working independently under general supervision, may work on teams with non-actuarial personnel. Will be proficient in performing a variety of Actuarial tasks most difficult in nature which may include: data compilation and analysis, illustrations, model development, financial reporting and analysis, pricing, risk and reinsurance analysis, reserving/valuation and other duties as assigned.

Job Description

RELATIONSHIP: Reports to Actuarial Director, or other actuarial management.

DIRECT REPORTS: May direct and train lower level actuarial management.


  1. Performs the compilation, categorization, and analysis of data.

  2. Performs the illustration of products.

  3. Performs the building maintenance, running and analysis of Actuarial Models.

  4. Performs the financial reporting and analysis of results.

  5. Performs the pricing and filing of products.

  6. Performs the analysis and management of risks for lines of business.

  7. Performs the establishment, understanding and application of reserves, statutory, GAPP, and tax valuation standards for products.

  8. Performs the analysis of reinsurance opportunities.

  9. Performs other duties as assigned.


Education: Undergraduate degree in Actuarial Science, mathematics, Statistics, or similar background requiring modeling, programming, or quantitative analysis.


Experience: At least four years of Actuarial experience and Actuarial Council approval.

Knowledge: Requires knowledge of actuarial business functions, statistical methods of analysis, company actuarial systems and databases, and their integration; technical facility with leading computer tools and technology. Knowledgeable of company operations, products, systems, and actuarial methodologies.

Skills/Competencies: Proficient or able to lead in Microsoft Office products (including VBA within Access and Excel), programming languages and Actuarial models. Basic level of command skills, strategic agility, business perspective, and accounting. Proficient level of delegation, motivating others perspective, dealing with ambiguity, customer focus, and drive for results. Mastery level of problem solving, learning on the fly, and leveraging system capabilities.

Values: Regularly and consistently demonstrates the Nationwide Values and Guiding Behaviors.

Staffing Exceptions to the above minimum job requirements must be approved by the Chief Actuary and AVP Human Resources


Overtime Eligibility: Not Eligible

Working Conditions: Normal office environment.

ADA: The above statements cover what are generally believed to be principal and essential functions of this job. Specific circumstances may allow or require some people assigned to the job to perform a somewhat different combination of duties.

Credit Check: N/A.

Safety Sensitive (SS): N/A.

Job Evaluation Activity: 10/2012 KLG/MYW

Additional Job Description


Job ID: 53436