Nationwide Consultant, Infrastructure Eng - Systems Engineer in Columbus, Ohio

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JOB SUMMARY: Serves as an expert in hardware/software systems engineering. Undertakes the most complex projects requiring additional specialized technical knowledge. Makes well-thought-out decisions on the most complex or ambiguous hardware/software systems engineering issues. Ensures that system improvements are successfully implemented and monitored to increase efficiency. Designs, develops, tests, debugs and implements the most complex hardware/software components, tools, and utilities. Makes the most complex modifications to existing hardware/software to fit specialized needs and configurations. Establishes and communicates common goal and direction for team. Acts as a source of direction, training and guidance for less experienced staff through formal and informal mentoring. Monitors project schedules and costs.

Job Description

REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS: Reports to Manager/Director/AVP; typically no direct reports but may lead project or virtual teams.


  1. Analyzes, designs, develops and implements the most complex solutions, modifications, or enhancements to existing hardware/software applications or a suite of integrated systems for the company and/or a particular business unit. Identifies and defines new hardware/software technologies to fit specialized business needs and configurations.

  2. Designs, develops, tests, debugs, documents, and implements the most complex hardware/software components, tools, and utilities including databases, middleware, and personal computer systems.

  3. Executes all aspects of the most complex systems hardware/software engineering projects, which involve multiple disciplines and platforms and impact multiple business units or perhaps the entire company.

4.Executes configuration management, technical vendor management, problem mitigation, change management, and critical situation management to the most complex systems as well as their multiple platforms and software applications.

  1. Leads in the configuration/capacity planning, software product evaluation, systems performance analysis and optimizations for software/hardware systems.

  2. Provides consultation and technical expertise to senior management on the most complex systems integration, compatibility, expandability, ease of use, and multiple platform issues as they relate to hardware/software.

  3. Plans and conducts the most complex software/hardware product evaluations; develops and recommends technical strategies and solutions to senior management. Leads in assessments of risk, cost, and return on investment scenarios and impact as well as potential compatibility issues with existing hardware/software.

8.Installs the most complex hardware/software products by analyzing the current system environment, using technical tools and utilities, performing the most complex product customization, and developing implementation and verification procedures to ensure successful installation of systems hardware/software.

  1. Designs, develops, tests, selects and implements new technical strategies, solutions, products and servers in relation to hardware/software operating systems and applications.

  2. Conducts long-term strategic planning activities for the development and implementation of hardware/software systems architecture and technical guidelines. Responsible for the selection, directions and performance of engineering activities and analysis studies. Collaborates with Architects to develop short and long term technology roadmaps.

  3. Ensures the currency of each environment through analysis and implementation of remediation plans.

  4. Drives solution improvements through optimization, enhancements, and implementation of new features and functions.

  5. Determines systems hardware/software requirements and design. Assists in the development and management of project budgets and deployment including the training and development of personnel.

  6. Acts as a source of direction, training and guidance for less experienced staff.

15.Performs all other duties as assigned.


Education: Undergraduate studies in computer science, management information systems, or a related field is strongly preferred.

Knowledge: Proven knowledge in advanced operating and personal computer systems. Must have an in-depth understanding in multiple hardware and software platforms, products and applications. Proven knowledge in technical diagnostic and analytical tools. Demonstrated knowledge of project management concepts and techniques required. Thoroughly understands incident and problem management processes.

Certification/Designation: Certification designation in Project Management or specific technology is strongly preferred.

Experience: Eight years of technical software and hardware development, installation, or operational support. Three years of project management experience is preferred.

Skills: Must have the ability to analyze the most complex systems that have multiple platforms, widespread impact and call for interpretation and coordination of highly technical and complex fields of information. Must have strong analytical and decision-making skills. Must possess interpersonal savvy and well-developed project leadership ability. Must be able to perform financial and risk analysis on complex operating systems and platforms. Must have strong project as well as process management skills. Must possess negotiation skills. Must have strong oral and written communication skills to interact with all levels of personnel, senior management and vendors.

Values: Regularly and consistently demonstrates the Nationwide Values and Guiding Behaviors.

Staffing Exceptions: Staffing exceptions to the above minimum job requirements must be approved by the: Vice President and Human Resources.


Overtime Eligibility: Not Eligible (exempt)

Working Conditions: Normal office environment. Non-standard or extended work may be required based on project needs.

ADA: The above statements cover what are generally believed to the principal and essential functions of this job. Specific circumstances may allow or require some associates assigned to the job to perform a somewhat different combination of duties.

Job Evaluation Activity: Evaluated March 2010 JDC

Additional Job Description

This role can be filled at the F Band or G Band level.

This role reports into the newly formed Cloud Platform Team (CPT). The CPT is building Nationwide's next generation application hosting platforms using cloud computing architectures like AWS, Azure, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and others. This position will focus on Automation & Integration Development into Nationwide's various Paas solutions as well as the creation and continuous delivery of capabilities and features within those platforms using CI/CD and DevOPs methods.

Key responsibilities include the following:

•Drives engineering and operations excellence for applications

•Collaborates with BSAs to develop operational improvement roadmaps

•Drive adherence to ITSM best practices

•Develops and supports operational environment standards focused on reducing the amount of custom/manual flow management solutions introduced into the environment

•Develops standard, repeatable production runs, creating all appropriate job control language, scheduling scripts, and standard documentation; partners with other support organizations to set up and execute

•Drives processing improvements through optimization, enhancements and implementation of new operational features and functions

•Works continuously with application, IT Architecture and Infrastructure Engineering teams to ensure successful delivery of application functionality to end users

•Works with Application teams to implement DevOps philosophy

•Continuously improves and enhances existing application environments

•Supports data-driven decisions within and across BSAs by delivering data around SLA adherence, runtime performance, capacity and environment configurations

•Analyzes operational data and makes continuous improvement recommendations

•Completes root cause analysis (RCA) action items for continuous improvement

•Delivers application engineering services

•Installs complex software upgrades and configures changes, including planning and scheduling, testing and coordination

•Supports final test environments, including code moves, file creation, special batch run

Desired Skills and Experience:

•Strong interpersonal skills, with collaboration and team building experience

•Excellent communication and relationship building skills

•Excellent listening, presentation, and documentation skills

•Excellent written and verbal communication skills

•Programming experience (Python, Node.js, Javascript, C#, Go, Java)

•Experience with GIT, CodeCommit, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Java, Docker, Kubernetes

•Scripting (Bash, Powershell, Python, YAML)

•Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery mindset

Preferred Technical Skills and Experience:

•Design, build, and implement internal and public cloud platforms.

•Build and maintain tools for cloud compute, storage, networking, identity, and automation

•Perform regular scripting work for automating operational tasks

•Troubleshoot and resolve issues within dev, test, prod environments

•Automated workflows, infrastructure automation, config management, and orchestration.

•Automate builds for developer environments

•Troubleshooting highly complex environments

•Deep understanding of CI/CD pipeline

Job ID: 53117